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Destinies: Witchwood - Adversity Module / Europe

Add Providence rewards alongside Adversity challenges and boons for increased tactical gameplay in any Destinies scenario!
Compatible with all Destinies scenarios.
Add new gameplay challenges to any Destinies scenario with this module pack. At the beginning of each scenario, a Providence Card will be randomly selected to set the scene and offer potential rewards to the bravest and most enduring adventurers. On each day of your adventure new Adversity Cards will be drawn that impact all players. These cards will present challenges and difficulties to overcome as you endeavor to fulfil your destiny. If you choose to endure these adversities you will be rewarded with Respite Tokens. Gather enough Respite Tokens and you can exchange them for Boons on the Providence card!
  • 5 Unique Providence cards
  • 25 Unique Event cards
  • 12 Respite tokens
  • 1 Main die
  • 1 Effort die


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