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Collect Souls this Halloween in Baron Voodoo

Baron Voodoo releases worldwide in October 2020.

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Lucky Duck Games Announces That It Will Publish Games in Polish

In 2020, a total of 11 Lucky Duck Games titles will hit the Polish market!

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Can you reign supreme in The Court of Miracles? Find out this September

Lead a guild of rogues in this game of area control and skullduggery!

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Website launch!

We're thrilled to launch our brand new site and an exclusive offer!

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Late Pledge Now Open for Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series!

Don't miss your chance to get a FREE expansion worth $30 as part of The Millennium Series Late Pledge

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Jumping into Cyberspace in The Millennium Series - Dev Diary Part 3

Some locations in the game are located in cyberspace. It creates very interesting new game dynamics...

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Piecing Together Puzzles in The Millennium Series - Dev Diary Part 2

Victor Lavel is a journalist and, like all Lavels before him, he is driven by solving mysteries and hunting criminals...

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A “Vision” for The Millennium Series - Dev Diary Part 1

In the middle ages, we need to rely on something else, and it needs to be thematically bound to that era