Collect Souls this Halloween in Baron Voodoo

“My dear Baron, how about we replace you tonight?” proposed Erzulie Freda. “This would allow you to enjoy the celebrations without being disturbed by calling for souls for once...”. “I am in a cheerful mood today, so be it!” replied Baron Samedi. “The one amongst you who guides the most souls to my kingdom tonight shall take my seat, for one whole year! My dearest Loas, let the challenge begin!”

Originally released in French in 2019 by “Yoka by Tsume”, we are now thrilled to publish this gorgeous abstract game that the whole family can enjoy. With beautiful artwork from Christine Alcouffe and simple core rules, Baron Voodoo is easy to pick up but also offers huge strategic depth and replayability.


In Baron Voodoo you play as a “Loa”, a voodoo god, who has the chance to become the new god of death by capturing the most souls, which are represented by 48 stunning custom Soul Dice.


Every game begins differently as the Soul Dice are rolled and placed onto a 7x7 grid, creating a unique puzzle every time you play. Players will move, stack and capture Soul Dice, placing them into their Spirit World and collecting sets of colors and icons to achieve the most victory points.


Every single move you make can have a big impact on the game board and other players. When you capture a die you can choose to activate the power of its face-up icon. These powers range from gaining bonus victory points or improving your collected sets to stealing dice from opponents or gaining temporary protection from their wrath.


While each player has the same standard actions, each Loa comes with their own unique special abilities. Choosing how and when to utilize your abilities will be key to completing your collected sets to maximize your victory points.

For players who like an even more competitive game, there are also rules for a Fixed Board balanced setup, or if player interaction and lots of special power triggers are more your speed there is a Chaos Mode setup too! You can also play in teams for a 2v2 game thanks to the beautiful double-sided game boards.

Baron Voodoo offers players a simple yet incredibly deep abstract game that you’ll be replaying for years and comes to stores in October.




Lucky Duck Games