Group Pledge

Many asked about the Group Pledge, and we wanted to give you all the detail of it, which is why it's described in this page rather than on the campaign page. Please note that we have to put limitations on this Group Pledge, to keep it simple and manageable enough. For example, each group can only be composed of 4 backers, no more or less: the reason for that is that the estimated weight for the package is ~27kg, and that adding more means going above 30kg, which is the limit by law that a single package can carry. Going above 30kg means sending 2 packages minimum, which means rising considerably the shipping prices, and therefore defeating the purpose of group pledging.

Applicable conditions to the Group Pledge

Shipping price table for the Group Pledge

Please keep in mind all these prices are only estimations, and are still being negotiated with our partners. We invite you to come back later during the campaign to have more precise prices.

The Single pledge shipping price range column is a reminder of the prices shown on the campaign page for normal (not group) pledges, for comparison.

All prices are shown either in EUR or USD.

Zones Single pledge shipping price range Total King Group pledge shipping price King Group pledge shipping price / backer
Poland 5€ - 9€ About 14€ About 3.5€
Germany 8.50€ - 13.50€ About 23€ About 5.75€
Rest of the EU

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
10.50€ - 15€ About 19€ About 4.75€

Except Alaska and Hawaii
$16 - $25 About $62 About $15.5
Canada $16 - $25 About $82 About $20.5
Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland $19 - $27 About $48 About $12
China, Hong Kong, Macao $19 - $27 About $54 About $13.5
Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Puerto Rico $26 - $30 About $78 About $19.50
Australia & New Zealand

Until the Shipping Quest (250 backers) is completed; we will update this table when this is reached
$35 - $45 About $85 About $21.25
Alaska and Hawaii $35 - $45 About $185 About $46.25*
Rest of the World $35 - $45 About $85 About $21.25

* unfortunately, the estimated shipping price for Alaska and Hawaii is higher / backer. However, as a Group Pledge, the King pledge itself will cost $74 per backer, instead of $79. With shipping, that's a total reduction of about $2.75 per backer.


The EU and the UK have reached an agreement to push the deadline to October 31st (source: BBC News). Brexit may happen earlier if the UK parliament reaches a consensus before that.

Since our campaign won't ship before 2020, it means that the price estimations for the UK shown on this page and on the campaign page may change radically, more likely up than down, depending on whether or not Brexit eventually happens or not, with a deal or not.

It is unclear at the moment how we will deal with this during the Pledge Manager. We will most likely close it around December, which means UK residents may have already paid the "UK-is-in-the-UE" shipping price. Ideally, we would prefer to know the final decision be made on Brexit, one way or another, before we open the Pledge Manager. Otherwise, it means we may need to contact these backers individually to pay a shipping surcharge.

In any case, we will keep you informed with the details we get from our partners and with how we decide to handle the situation.
Our goal is to keep the shipping price at the lowest possible, but we also can't afford bearing a possible major increase of the shipping cost to the UK.