2 - 4
45 - 70 min

Vikings Gone Wild


In Vikings Gone Wild, you become the head of a clan fighting the other players to prove to the gods who amongst you has the greatest clan!

You will gain Victory Points attacking other players, defending successfully, upgrading your Town Hall, and completing missions. The game ends once a player reaches 40 or 30 Victory Points, depending on the number of players.

During each turn, you play the cards in your hand to buy units or defense cards, erect buildings and attack other players. You will have to find the right balance between investing in your economy (buildings, specials cards) and growing your army!

Expand Your Game Further!

Expand your game with our range of expansions for Vikings Gone Wild! Try solo and cooperative play, or get your friends together for team-based 2v2 brawls! Why not enhance your game with new magical spells or introduce elemental artifacts bumping up the strategy and potential combinations!


Masters of Elements Expansion

The Masters of Elements Expansion introduces new core concepts through the Elements and Artifacts! All cards from Units, Odin's Path, and the newly introduced Artifacts provide alternative effects triggered with these Elements.

This expansion offers a completely asymmetric start thanks to 3 permanent Artifact picked through a draft mechanic at the beginning of the game, offering a chance to build a strategy early on.

It's a Kind of Magic Expansion

The It’s a Kind of Magic Expansion introduces original core concepts through new Buildings, Units, and a new type of card: Spells!

It focuses on deck manipulation and will transform your experience of Vikings Gone Wild in a very interesting, magical, way!


Guild Wars Expansion - New 2v2 Mode!