Our Team


Vincent Vergonjeanne

Game Producer

After 10 years making video games, Vincent decided to create Lucky Duck Games with Mateusz. His deep understanding of the industry allows him to find just the right IP to bring to the tabletop.
In Lucky Duck Games, Vincent is managing the various projects the team is currently working on: finding new IPs, play-testing with Filip, finding distributors, preparing Kickstarters, talking to reviewers...
Fun fact: while a board gamer too, his wife has him store a portion of his board games in the office, to make sure they can still actually move around in their apartment.


Mateusz Komada

Art Director

Mateusz was previously working as Art Director for EVERYDAYiPLAY, on Vikings Gone Wild the online game. It was very natural for him to transition to Lucky Duck Games and continue working on it, but this time for the board game version.
Since then, he's been giving life to all Lucky Duck Games projects through his exceptional artistic talent and his way to work in many different styles. His Kickstarter pages are such masterpieces and describe each game so perfectly, they're reproduced on this website.
Fun fact: the team believes the Master of Element is subconsciously largely based on himself, physically and spiritually.


Kasia Kosobucka

Graphic Designer

Kasia joined the team to help Mateusz when Lucky Duck started to grow and to work on different projects at the same time.
She added a lot of value to the team by her experience in drawing in a way and preparing artistic files for printing. Her understanding of physical print and her great talent allowed Luck Duck to really step up and to gain a lot of time in preparation for printing.
Fun fact: while she play-tested many games Lucky Duck has published at one point and knows how to play them, so far she hasn't played the final manufactured version of any of them. Not once. Don't tell the others.


Théo Garnier

Director of Logistics and Customer Service

Théo first joined Lucky Duck Games as a part-time Community Manager just after the Vikings Gone Wild campaign to support the company's growth.
Step by step, he ended up working full time by completing his customer service work with shipping missing/damaged parts to backers, developing the website, managing the online shop and finally taking care of all the fulfillment logistics.
Fun fact: he had to blackmail Przemek to get his bio and picture for this page.


Marcin Musiał

Chief Technology Officer

Marcin started programming early in high school, beginning with a passion for game and engine programming. He spent 11 years at DRAGO Entertainment, where he quickly became Lead 3D Engine Programmer, designing and implementing state-of-the-art 3D game engines.
He joined EVERYDAYiPLAY as Lead Programmer, and quickly surpassed the expectations of his role, so he naturally became CTO. When Lucky Duck Games signed Chronicles of Crime and had to develop the app for the game, Marcin was the obvious choice. He is the definition of "thinking outside of the box".
Fun fact: quite regularly he still surprises everyone with what he manages to pull off.


Filip Miłuński

Creative Director

Filip designed several successful games such as CV, Capital & Vampire Empire, and is the winner of the 2017 Best Polish Game Designer Award.
Previously Head of B2B & Publishing for Granna, he joined Lucky Duck Games to take on the creative process: to look for THE prototype that would perfectly fit the IPs Vincent brings to the company.
Fun fact: his job consists of playing games pretty much all the time. Now that's a smart man.


Przemek Dołęgowski

Project Manager

Przemek was previously Project Manager at Granna, where he worked his way up from quoting rulebooks to being a Production Manager for such titles as Time Stories, A Feast for Odin, Vikings Gone Wild and many more. He joined Lucky Duck Games to take on the production process: ensure the rough prototype dummies get magically turned into neat mass production titles.
Fun fact: he has a special power enabling him to do a pretty accurate production price estimation just by looking at the games content


Anthony Boyd

Director of Sales and Marketing

Anthony has served in the hobby games industry for several years. Previously the Director of Sales and Marketing for Ninja Division Publishing, Anthony met Vincent at the GAMA trade show, where they became fast friends.
Having watched the exciting beginnings of Lucky Duck Games and their amazing growth from the outside, Anthony is incredibly happy to be part of the team, bringing with him his extensive knowledge of distribution, retail sales, and marketing.
Fun fact: he is an avid fan of abstract games, roll playing games, and miniature wargames. When not spending his nights trying to convince his family to play with him, he often plays PC games to pass the time.


Erin Dean

Social Media Manager

Growing up, Erin played the traditional mass market games, like Monopoly, Life, and Clue. In high school, she was gifted Ticket to Ride and that is when she fell in love with the board gaming hobby.
In the past, she has worked at Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe as a Game Navigator. In the Spring of 2017, Erin released a short board game documentary on YouTube called "The Board Game Boom" which has had a lot of success. She truly believes in Lucky Duck Games' mission and is excited to share it with the world through social media.
Fun fact: every time she hosts a game night she brings a huge tub of board games with over 15 of them. She tries to limit the amount she brings, but she has not once played all the board games she has brought.

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