15-20 min
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Senjutsu: Battle For Japan


In Senjutsu: Battle for Japan you will play as a samurai, dueling against other samurai in battle of wits, willpower, and strength. Construct your deck, or use one of the 4 provided pre-constructed decks to unleash devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely mediations, and dynamic special moves.

The Core Box includes dozens of different Ability Cards to shape your chosen Samurai's fighting style. There are thousands of possible deck combinations available,

Gameplay Summary:

- Position your Samurai on the Battlefield.
- Draw a hand of Ability Cards from your 40 Card Ability Deck.
- Choose an Ability Card to use and place it facedown with the opponent's card.
- Reveal the cards simultaneously and check the initiatives.
- Resolve the card and its effects.

Any Samurai who takes 5 wounds will fall... leaving the vanquisher victorious.

  • 16 Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 2 Reversible Battlefield Boards
  • 324 Game Cards
  • 18 Focus Tokens
  • 9 AI Standee Opponents
  • 6 Kamae Ring & Advantage Token Sets
  • 5 3D Terrain Pieces
  • 1 Solo & Co-op Campaign Book
  • 1 Rulebook
Autori: Paul D. Allen, James Faulkner
Illustratori: Imad Awan, Raben White

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