45-60 min

Divinus - Recharge Pack: Shadow of Yggdrasil

Thanks to this Recharge Pack, players are able to restart the Shadow of Yggdrasil expansion once they have completed its campaign. Using glue-less stickers for anything attaching to the tiles, and the board, only the player tuckboxes, the rulebook and a fresh sheet of stickers is needed to put your copy 100% back to a fresh start!

Divinus is a competitive, legacy, tile-laying, digital hybrid game in which you play as a demigod seeking to gain the favor of the Gods and ascend to a new pantheon. Players will embark on a twelve-scenario campaign that will see them exploring lands, completing quests, interacting with Gods, and impacting the outcome of the epic clash between Greek and Norse pantheons.

  • 4x God Tuck Boxes
  • Stickers
  • 1x Rulebook
  • Recharge Pack Rules


Authors: Filip Miłuński