45-60 min



Ancient Greece is being invaded by the pantheon of Nordic Gods who have left their destroyed world in search of new land to rule over. A fierce clash of Gods is about to begin and a new pantheon will be formed from the ashes. The prophet Pythia foresees that one person of great power, a new Divinus, will ascend. As a demigod of great renown, you can win the favor of either side and claim your own seat among the Gods.

Divinus is a competitive, legacy, tile-laying, digital hybrid game in which you play as a demigod seeking to gain the favor of the Gods and ascend to a new pantheon. Players will embark on a twelve-scenario campaign that will see them exploring lands, completing quests, interacting with Gods, and impacting the outcome of the epic clash between Greek and Norse pantheons.


• 78 Map Tiles
• 1 Envelope with Stickers
• 1 Double-Sided Board
• 1 Tartarus Legacy Box
• 12 Scenario Boxes containing
Dedicated Components
• 4 Player Boxes containing
24 Player Dice
• First Player Meeple
• Rulebook

Authors: Filip Miłuński