3 - 6
25 - 35 min

Zombie Tsunami: Ultimate Edition


Zombie Tsunami is a party game for 3 to 6 players that plays in around 30 minutes. This Ultimate Edition adds two new expansions to the base game, the 7th Zombie Expansion and the Zombird Expansion!

In Zombie Tsunami, each player leads a horde of zombies storming the city. The winner is the one with the most zombies at the end of round three. But beware, humans are everywhere and they won’t let you win without a fight. 

Players will have to collaborate, bluff, and sometimes betray one another in order to win the game!


  • Zombie Tsunami:
    • 20 Shop cards
    • 20 Road cards
    • 7 Secret Bonus cards
    • 72 Zombie cubes
    • 12 Gold tokens
    • 18 Voting tokens
    • 18 Civilian tokens
    • 6 Tie tokens
    • 1 Road board
    • 1 Rulebook
  • 7th Zombie expansion:
    • Adds components for a 7th Player!
      • Including more Zombie cubes, Gold tokens, Tie token, Voting tokens, and Civilian tokens
    • Includes 1x new Secret bonus card
  • Zombird expansion:
    • 18 Zombird cards
    • 9 Event cards
    • 1 new Shop card

The following languages are all included in the box: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese.


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