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Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – The Shadow Under Steel expansion


This is an expansion; it requires the base game Senjutsu: Battle For Japan to play.

The Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – The Shadow Under The Steel expansion comes with three 32mm miniatures (Ashigaru, Akita, and Ninja Assassin) and 104 ability cards including each character's signature cards, kamae trees, new base ability cards and their own unique solo decks.

The Ashigaru and his Akita guard dog have a unique dynamic on the battlefield, where the controlling player must make sure their lowly Ashigaru works in tandem with the powerful Akita to bring down their enemies. Neither the Ashigaru nor the dog are strong in isolation, with each having fewer wounds than a regular fighter and less spectacular feats of endurance, skill and strength reflected in their Signature Cards. Combined, however, you have a potent team that will leave any opponent desperately defending themselves against tooth and spearpoint!

The Akita is represented by a single Behaviour Card and deck of Ability Cards, whilst the Ashigaru is controlled like a regular fighter- through a 40 card Ability Card Deck and Kamae Tree.

The Assassin is our high damage-output, high vulnerability fighter. With a fantastic system for Focus generation on the Kamae Tree and a Focus-gaining special ability on the Core Card, the Assassin specialises in doing as much as he can quickly and then escaping to safety.

  • 3 Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 Character Card Sets
  • 6 Weapon Cards
  • 4 Poison Cards
  • 70 Ability Cards
  • 15 Solo Ability Cards
Autorzy: Paul D. Allen, James Faulkner, Dan Knight
Ilustratorzy: Imad Awan
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