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It's A Wonderful World: War or Peace


This expansion requires It’s a Wonderful World to play.

This campaign expansion brings 6 replayable scenarios to It’s a Wonderful World. Play with friends or by yourself and discover new game mechanics and unlock new cards for your base game. Each of the Six campaign envelopes gives you a story introduction, adds new cards, and introduces gameplay twists. Through the campaign, you will be asked to open the Secret Box to unlock a board expansion for your main gameboard.


  • 6 Replayable scenarios
  • 6 Secret Envelopes (with 65 cards and 6 Campaign leaflets)
  • 1 Secret Box (with a board expansion)
  • 1 Booster pack (with 15 cards)
  • Solo mode included
  • 4 Solo cards
  • 1 Rules leaflet

We sell this product in the USA ONLY. For the rest of the world, please check your local retail store.