15-20 min

Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – Ghost in the Night expansion


This is an expansion; it requires the base game Senjutsu: Battle For Japan to play.

The Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – Ghost in the Night expansion adds the Ninja (with Caltrops) to the base game. This set comes with 54 cards including character, signature card, weapon and additional core ability cards, plus character-specific solo AI cards. 

The Ninja, or Concealed Warrior, is quick and deadly. Armed with the Kusarigama, a chained flail and sickle, he moves with the environment as his ally.

His unique Ability Cards feature tracks, secret weapons and smoke bombs. Use these unusual cards to escape from tight spots on the battlefield and fight on. However, beware long combats! The Ninja suffers when exposed to the light of day.

  • 3 Plastic Miniatures
  • 1 Character Card Set
  • 3 Weapon Cards
  • 4 Poison Cards
  • 37 Ability Cards
  • 5 Solo Ability Cards
Authors: Paul D. Allen, James Faulkner, Dan Knight
Illustrators: Imad Awan